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Tyler, TX

Order: 62293
Temp To Full-Time

Moves goods and material within a production environment using a Powered Industrial Vehicle (PIV)

Loading, unloading, or moving goods and material from one location to another with a forklift or other PIV

Operates warehouse computer software with moderate expertise

Observe equipment operation in order to detect malfunctions

Support plant cost reductions and process improvement projects through the use of various lean methods and techniques

Assist in process improvement efforts by working with the Process Engineers to identify, implement and validate process changes

Participate in lean manufacturing as well as plant initiatives as needed

Ability to utilize a variety of PIV equipment

Perform tasks requiring hand and eye coordination, with good hand dexterity (gripping and pinching repetitively) for more than 2/3’s of work shift

Lift, carry, push, or pull objects weighing 10 pounds continuously, 25 pounds repetitively and 50 pounds occasionally. Lifting or carrying objects over 50 pounds requires a two person lift, or a lift assist

Bend, twist, squat, kneel, and/or stoop repetitively

Reach overhead repetitively for more than 2/3’s of work shift

Stand continuously for 8 to 10 hours per day

Climb up and down stairs up to 3 hours per day

Use of senses to detect quality defects and unsafe conditions

Moderate physical exertion