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Forklift Operator

Hawkins, TX

Order: 53517
Need 4-6 forklift operators Must pass background check - 7 year Must pass 5-panel UA Must pass physical - fit for duty **Previous forklift experience, especially in a distribution center, other manufacturing facility or warehouse preferred, but not required **good hand-eye coordination **ability to work in a high energy, fast paced environment **ability to balance efficiency and high paced work tasks with safety as the top priority is a must **Shift time would be 6am-6:30pm for day shift or 6pm-6:30am for night shift **36 hours one week (3 days) and 48 hours the next (4 days) **Work one weekend, then have a 3 day weekend off every other weekend Additional PPE info: Safety Glasses a. In order to be in compliance with our Nestle Safety policies and standards, we will be providing both regular and prescription safety glasses to all Agency temp employees who require them i. We currently already provide regular safety glasses ii. Historically, we have not provided the prescription safety glasses – now we are b. ACTION NEEDED: If an Agency Temp will be needing prescription safety glasses, please have them bring a current prescription (prescribed within the past year to date – our machine will not accept prescriptions older than 1 year!) with them to orientation/first day. This will greatly help expedite the process to get them their glasses and be in compliance 2. Steel Toed or Composite Shoes a. Nothing changes – we still require each individual to bring their own steel toed or composite shoes (no other style requirement besides this – laces, slip on, boots, shoes all fine) i. Moving forward to avoid confusion, please have them wear these from Day 1 (whether they will be immediately working or sitting through orientation)