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Extruder Apprentice


Order: 52317

Must be able to drive a fork lift and know the safety requirements when doing so:

  1. Seat belts must be worn at all times when operating equipment

  2. Horns must be sounded at all crossings and blind spots

  3. Forks must be kept close to the ground when driving without a load

  4. Pace of the lift must be at the same as a brisk walk

  5. Load being lifted must not exceed load capacity of the lift.

  6. When transporting a load that impairs the drivers forward vision the lift must be driven in reverse giving the driver clear vision in his direction of travel.


Must know how to safely make a complete roll change and everything in between:

  1. How to load a shaft into the winder.

  2. How to install a core on to the shaft.

  3. How to set the core into proper position on the shaft.

    1. How to apply the proper amount of air into the shaft to properly secure the core into position.

    2. How to apply tape or glue to the core when required:

    3. What is static pinning and when to use it

  4. What to do if the film does not wrap onto the core.

  5. How to cycle the winder.

  6. How to cut the film over when required.

  7. How to pull, label, and retain samples for the lab when required.

  8. How to weigh the rolls in accordance to our roll weighing procedure:

    1. Weigh every roll that exceeds 14” in diameter; and

    2. One roll per packaged layer should be weighed for all others.

  9. Ability to verify roll weights are within stated tolerances per the engineering.

  10. How to wrap rolls in paper or poly when required.

  11. How to apply roll headers and footers when required.

  12. How to log roll data onto the production tally.

  13. Must know how to completely fill out production tally sheet and record

production data on it.

  1. How to enter roll data into Vantage.

  2. How to band pallets in accordance to standard operating procedures.

  3. How to stretch wrap pallets.

  4. How to transport and stage pallets once completed.