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Order: 36779

POSITION SUMMARY: Assembly, painting, production testing, and crating or packing of all products. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: • Perform all assembly functions at all stations within the assembly section. • Operate various machinery located, and utilized, within the facility. • Operate spray painting equipment to assure acceptable product appearances. • Operate production testing equipment to assure acceptable product quality upon leaving the assembly section. • Operate necessary, packing, machinery and equipment to adequately protect product upon end shipment. • Provide material handling necessary to supply assembly operation as directed. • Maintain required records and performance results as required. • Maintain work area in a neat and orderly condition. • Performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: • Work is performed in standing position involving some walking, bending, stooping, and handling of material. • Lifting/pushing/pulling/carrying up to ? 05 lbs. constantly ? 35 lbs. frequently ? 50 lbs. occasionally • Hazards are· serious cuts, burns, bruises and possible permanent injury; operator required to wear goggles and heavy gloves. While the job has definite hazards, caution by the operator will reduce hazards to a minimum • Regular exposure to heat, dirt, grease and fumes. • Regular exposure to noise levels exceeding 85 db (hearing protection required when exposure exceeds 85db). QUALIFICATIONS: Education/Training Required: • High School Diploma or equivalent experience. Skills/Experience Required: • Works from verbal instruction from supervisor. • Requires the ability to read, write, and perform mathematical calculations. • Follow moderately complex verbal and/or written instructions. • Up to month in a related field. • Must be able to perform basic computer functions.