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Machine Operator

Fremont, CA

Order: 166791

Ensure components and finished product are properly loaded pinto the assembly table, inlet conveyor and

inspection table

*Perform de--flashing and/or rework using de--flashing tool and otter hand tools to remove flash and other

debris from parts

*Maintain consistent cycle time to avoid machine interruption

*Scan bar code labels and refill all component bins as needed

*Perform 100% visual inspection based on criteria and hot--spot samples

*Ensure that the work station is organized and documents are in designated areas before,, during and after

production process

*Provide accurate information on productivity and physical finished goods before releasing product to

warehouse process

*Report all non--conformance and unsafe conditions to appropriate responsible person

*Interactive with quality team members and process technicians for improvement off product quality

*Perform daily housekeeping/organizational during and tat end off shift

*Wear PPE (safety glasses,, safety shoes, gloves) and any other PPE assigned for specific tasks (hard hat, dust mask,ear plugs) or other PPE required to perform tasks safely

*Perform other tasks as assigned