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PCB Assembly with Rework

Fremont, CA

Order: 145100
Temp To Full-Time

JOB DESCRIPTION– Production Assembly Rework

Job Summary

Responsible for the maintenance of the company's internal processes of the production of electronic components and customer return of defective products maintenance. T/H installation, touch-up, basic rework with soldering iron and heat gun. We do NPI (prototypes PCB) process. All projects are different. 0201, 0402 experience is required. IPC certificate is a plus.



Knowledge and Experience Required


1. College degree or above.

Working Experience:

1. 5 years or above production experience in an electronics factory;

2. Working experience in a multicultural environment is a plus.


1. Familiar with the performance and use of electronic components;

2. Good computer skills.


1. Defective in the process of maintenance, including (patch, hand and functional testing);

2. Assist electronic engineer to analyze and repair the defect;

3. Responsible for customer return defective product maintenance;

4. Responsible for the daily record of bad products;

5. Responsible for the management of defective product;

6. Complete the other tasks assigned by the superior.


• To repair defective goods, in order to meet the requirements of qualified products;

• Summarize the adverse process in each process, and report to the line to strengthen management;

• To carry out an inventory of the defective goods warehouse every month, to ensure the account match.