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Casting Machine Operator

Heber Springs, AR

Order: 47706

Casting Machine Operator 

Mon - Friday

Part Time and Full Time Available

2nd Shift

3rd Shift

- Operate or tend metal molding, casting, or core making machines to mold or cast metal products. .

• Operate permanent mold casting machines to produce quality castings to specification 

• Set up molds and operate permanent mold casting machine 

• Assist on set-ups 

• Tend furnaces - load and charge to maintain temperatures 

• Inspect pieces 

• Pour metal into molds, vary pouring procedures/timing to compensate for material and mold condition

• Follow detail process sheets for methods and sequences to close and pour molten metal at proper temperatures, flow rates and cycle time to obtain sound castings

•    Ability to work in an uncomfortable “high temperature, stress environment” while meeting all production requirements

•    Physical capability to lift from up 50 pounds in various repetitions, This position is very active and requires standing all day. 

•    Other job duties as assigned.  Requirements: 

•    High School Diploma or equivalency