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  • Kiln Operations Supervisor

    Calion, AR Direct Hire 1 Week ago
    Job Details / RequirementsMust be experienced in operating hardwood lumber kilns, proficient in NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) grading rules for oak, maple, poplar, and other hardwoods. Experience running a lumber / concentration / drying yard. Will also require weekend kiln duties. (Plant to yard transition is not linear and the experience required is much different, so the ideal candidate will need to possess experience specific to the lumber yard)Must possess supervisory and lumber yard expe...
    Order: 72538
  • Heat Treat / Cast Operator

    Heber Springs, AR Temp 1 Week ago
    DUTIESHas the responsibility to ensure that the heat treat area and equipment is run to process conditions and that quality component parts are being produced.Schedule loading, transfer, and unloading of racks, also load or unload component parts.Monitor settings for correct temperature and assemble heat treat stamps. Ensure the quench tank is at the proper water level and temperature.Physical capability to lift from 3 up 30 pounds in various repetitions, This position is very active and requires standing a...
    Order: 36679
  • Casting Machine Operator

    Heber Springs, AR Temp 1 Week ago
    DUTIESOperate or tend metal molding, casting, or core making machines to mold or cast metal products. .Operate permanent mold casting machines to produce quality castings to specification Set up molds and operate permanent mold casting machine Assist on set-ups Tend furnaces - load and charge to maintain temperatures Inspect pieces Pour metal into molds, vary pouring procedures/timing to compensate for material and mold conditionFollow detail process sheets for methods and sequences to close and pour molten...
    Order: 47706
  • Machining/Assembly Operator

    Heber Springs, AR Temp 1 Week ago
    Operator will have training to qualify in the operation, coordinating several tasks in such a manner to maximize production while safely maintaining specific procedures and quality of steel core conduit.DUTIESLearn to interact with computer controls to operate machine/work cell.Learn to troubleshoot, debug, and maintain the machining process with the cell to ensure product quality and productivity.Learn to coordinate material handling, production with other operators on the line to ensure a continuous produ...
    Order: 71943
  • Forge Operator

    Heber Springs, AR Temp 1 Week ago
    DUTIES • Operation of forging equipment, trim presses, and verify pre-heat furnace as required to produce quality component parts.• Ability to adjust touch up parts on an automated forge cell.• Use of specialized measuring equipment to verify tooling and to measure parts for conformance to customer specs. • Operators will be trained to perform all functions assigned in the production area.• Ability to work in an uncomfortable “high temperature, stress environment” while meeting all productio...
    Order: 72239
  • Dispatch

    Batesville, AR Temp 22 Hours ago
    Call our Batesville office at 870.569.8084 or Click Apply Now! 24 hours week Part - TimeJob Duties;Answers and responds to any emergency or non-emergency calls to provide assistance or important information. Their main duties include logging each call, providing answers to questions by retrieving information from the necessary departments and watching over the field units’ routes to prioritize and organize their schedules.
    Order: 37124