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QA Technician

Bedford Park, IL

Order: 1683296

Company in Bedford Park, IL. looking for a QA Tech.

Performs a variety of quality control evaluation tests in compliance with standard company policies, identifying and reporting non-conforming to food quality and food safety.

1. Calibrates test equipment and pull samples as required.

2. Conducts a variety of quality control evaluation tests as assigned.

3. Assists with analytical testing for trials and competitive analysis.

4. Compiles data, and enters data into paper or electronic files.

5. Maintains and updates assigned data base(s), both paper and electronic.

6. Provide support to assigned line, performing checks and analytical testing.

7. Produces assigned reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

8. Notifies immediate supervisor of any deficiencies within the Food Quality and Food Safety program.

9. Performs a variety of sanitation tests, and reports exceptions.

10. Identifies and reports nonconforming products and situations for problem resolution.

11. Performs some limited clerical and administrative tests in support of the Quality Assurance function.

12. Performs duties not regularly assigned in the absence of other Quality Assurance Technicians.

13. Performs all duties in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations including but not limited to OSHA, EPA and MWRD.