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Injection Molding Operators

Fountain Valley, CA

Order: 740971

We are hiring Injection Molding Operators to join our team in Fountain Valley, CA! LONG TERM ASSIGNMENT!!! ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES!!! HIRE ON OPPORTUNITIES!!!


PAY RATE: $15.50 - $19.00 ( DOE )


1st Shift ( MONDAY - FRIDAY ) 6:00AM - 2:30PM

2nd Shift ( MONDAY - FRIDAY ) 3:00PM - 10:30PM



Job Summary:


Oversee and train operators to perform specific tasks required to properly and safely mold parts that conform to customer requirements and IPC standards.


Work with Production Supervisor and Manufacturing Manager to fulfill production schedule based off of required deadlines.


Aim to meet high ISO metrics in OTD and Quality.


Be key person in improving know how and skills in regards to molding/ mold compounds and processes, be gateway person to further develop and train personnel within molding group.


Ensure safe practices are always followed when using molding machines.


General Responsibilities (but not limited to):


  • Detail planning of the day-to-day molding.

  • Monitor and establish run rates and maximize throughput

  • Identify any necessary changes on manufacturing instructions to improve the molding process

  • Ensure materials/ tools and equipment are ready in advance and operable to fulfill all needs within the molding area.

  • Dial in setup and make sure setup is producing good parts.

  • Be proactive in having molds and any related material ready for molding.

  • Oversee and train molders how to operate machines, set up molds, understand settings and any specific tasks required to do jobs

  • Help mold parts when molder operators help is not needed

  • Verify product output, cooling times and cycle times in order to meet high efficiency

  • Ensure safe molding practices are always followed

  • Ensure molds are taken care of and not damaged or lost

  • Identify any problems with molds and or machinery, help troubleshoot any molding problems

  • Monitor and control quality requirements per set quality standard (reduce scrap)

  • Provide backup to 2nd shift molding needs

  • Monitor critical jobs to ensure there are no problems

  • Ensure documentation (MI) is followed and no deviations are made without engineering approval

  • Maintain, record and report all operation standards including time studies when needed

  • Process method improving within capability where applicable. This includes job specific notes such as which machine the job has a saved setup or runs best.

  • Request updates to BOM / documents / manufacturing instructions to reflect current requirements as needed. (This includes mold parameters set up sheet, and other essential information that is required)

  • Focus on continuous improvement of molding processes and practices



Facility Specific Responsibilities (but not limited to):


  • Help ensure machines/ molds and equipment are taken care of

  • Assist mold operators in retrieving and returning mold compound to ensure no contamination and /or messes are made

  • Report any potential hazards or excessive wear molding machines

  • Monitor and control mold compound and mold release

  • Help support a clean and safe work environment.

  • Be able to lift, carry, push and pull up to 50 pounds unassisted. Beyond this will require the buddy system or lifting device.

  • Ability to stay on feet for prolonged periods of time and mobility to get around facility without limitations.

  • Achieve daily tasks which require repetitive use of hands and other body parts

  • Ability to work in different climates without limitations

  • Maintain 7S workstation and control good housekeeping


Qualifications / Requirements:


  • Good vision and hearing

  • Strong understanding of all processes within manufacturing which include but not limited to cutting, prep, assembly, molding, testing and QA.

  • Pass IPC Training and/or internal/external training programs

  • Fully abide by all policies and procedures


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Our Mission:

To actively be the bridge between quality candidates and great employers! We strive to connect each applicant with great opportunities that align their respective skills in industries they are familiar with throughout the country!


Who We Are:

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As part of our team you'll be eligable to receive:

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Company Description:

Vantage Staffing Solutions has been noted as the fastest growing employment firm in the USA. We have helped both small & large businesses expand there operations by connecting quality job seekers through our partnerships with the best job boards on the web, curated email alerts, award-winning recruitment services, and the world’s best Overall Staffing Service.


Vantage Staffing Solutions is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or genetics.


Positions may be Temp-To-Hire, Direct Hire or Contract Opportunities and are dependent on factors including performance, attendance, safety policy adherence.


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