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AM & GY Returns Associates

Minooka, IL

Order: 1758910
Job Board Only - No Asmts Allowed

JOB SUMMARY: Responsibilities include making sure H/C matches daily schedule, assign work force for loading/unloading trailers, coordinate with temps responsible for sorting and communicates with MCA transportation and Yard Dogs for return daily needs.



  • Loading Trailers Vendors Needs

  • Off Loading Trailers with Store Returns



  • Provide even exchange of items to vendors

  • Make sure items are properly separate by item

  • Trans-Ship items in a timely manner

  • Make sure proper documentation is included with each trailer load


Responsible to also, receive store Returns to other locations, items include plastic pallets, wood pallets, milk crates, egg baskets, yellow totes, brown baskets, bread trays, and card board bales




  • Unload MCA Back-Hauls with Returns from other warehouses

  • Email activity production reports to department Manager



  • One year experience operating a Fork Lift, Clamp Truck and an Electric Pallet Jack