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Project Manager

Houston, TX

Order: 63003
JOB SUMMARY Primary Function of a Project Manager is to plan out and track all phases of a project to ensure the finished product is delivered complete on time and budget. The project manager will communicate with the customer and all client disciplines in a timely manner the progress and requirements needed thru out the duration of the project. An electronic and paper project folder will be kept and maintained on each project. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Marketing/Sales: Review and verify all paperwork handed over in the project kickoff meeting is correct and clearly identifies the responsibilities of client during the duration of the project and advise marketing of any and all discrepancies. Projects will provide marketing with schedules for proposals when required. Projects will coordinate with marketing/sales project changes, adders, duration, and deliverables for customer consideration. Projects will include sales on pertinent communication with the customer. Engineering: Review project scope and schedule engineering deliverables (drawings, inspections, work instructions, reports. etc.) required thru out the project. Interface and coordinate communications between the shop, customers, and vendors. Drafting: Develop drawing list and required dates with engineering and lead drafts person. Track drawing progress. Review drawings upon completion to determine client Power and Vendor requirements. Projects will write work orders or requisitions based on drawings. Projects will assign material traceability numbers. Purchasing: The project manager will be responsible for writing requisitions. The requisitions will include type of material, quantity, description, required date, budgeted cost, required documentation and certifications. Projects will assign the purchase order number. The requisition will be reviewed with purchasing to assure compliance with requirements. Projects will track the placement of the requisition thru the purchase order phase up to delivery. Projects will assist in communications, when necessary, between vendor and client. Project will fill out cost impact forms when necessary. Shop: The project manager will be required to write all work orders and prepare work order documents based on drawing or work instruction requirements. The work order will include drawings, work instructions, material PO numbers, project number, standards and required date. Projects will track the progress of the work orders and help the shop determine project priorities. Projects will assist in communication between the shop, engineering, drafting, purchasing, vendors and the customer. Projects will prepare final shipping request form including list of items, job number, customer contact information, location, and determine party responsible for final shipping cost. Accounting: Project manager will review project payment terms with accounting, prepare project invoice requests and help with supporting documentation when required. Projects will assist in the preparation and updating of the progress payment schedule. Projects will assist in the preparation of the quarterly percent complete report. The project manager will identify all billable shipping cost. JOB REQUIREMENTS AND QUALIFICATIONS Education: Associate or Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience, required. Knowledge and/or Skill Requirements: • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point) a must, Microsoft Project and JobBOSS a plus. Previous Experience: • 5+ years' experience in Project Management, preferably in Manufacturing / Rotating Equipment.