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Social Media & Influencer Marketing Manager

Arcata, CA

Order: 1666065

Job Description: Cannabis Brand Photographer

Position: Cannabis Brand Photographer 

Department: Marketing Location: Arcata

Job Summary: 

We are seeking a talented and creative Cannabis Brand Photographer to join a cannabis marketing team and help capture the essence of their brand and products through compelling imagery. As a Cannabis Brand Photographer, you will play a crucial role in visually conveying the unique qualities and lifestyle associated with their cannabis products. You will be responsible for creating high-quality, visually striking photographs that align with our brand identity and resonate with the target audience. The ideal candidate should have a passion for cannabis culture, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to bring the brand story to life through captivating visuals.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate closely with the marketing team to understand and interpret the brand's visual direction and photography needs.
  • Plan, conceptualize, and execute creative photoshoots that showcase our cannabis products, lifestyle, and values.
  • Capture high-quality images that highlight the unique features, textures, and characteristics of our products, adhering to established brand guidelines.
  • Edit and retouch photographs to enhance their visual appeal while maintaining authenticity and realism.
  • Stay updated with industry trends and photography techniques, incorporating innovative and relevant approaches to elevate our visual content.
  • Manage and organize photography equipment, props, and other resources required for photoshoots.
  • Work with models, when applicable, to direct and pose them to achieve the desired visual aesthetic.
  • Collaborate with graphic designers and other team members to integrate photography seamlessly into various marketing materials, including social media, websites, print collateral, and advertising campaigns.
  • Ensure that all photography assets are properly cataloged, organized, and readily accessible for future use.
  • Maintain a consistent style and aesthetic across all photography projects to reinforce brand recognition and identity.
  • Adhere to legal and regulatory guidelines related to the portrayal of cannabis products in visual content.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Bachelor's degree in Photography, Fine Arts, or a related field (or equivalent experience).
  • Proven experience as a photographer, with a portfolio showcasing a strong understanding of composition, lighting, and visual storytelling.
  • Proficiency in photography equipment, tools, and software, including high-end cameras, lenses, lighting setups, and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.).
  • Passion for cannabis culture and a deep understanding of the nuances associated with capturing cannabis products and lifestyle.
  • Creative mindset with the ability to translate ideas into captivating visual narratives.
  • Strong organizational skills to manage multiple photoshoots, schedules, and resources effectively.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, capable of directing models and collaborating with a diverse team.
  • Adaptability and flexibility to work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.
  • Knowledge of current trends and best practices in photography, both within the cannabis industry and the wider creative field.
  • Attention to detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality, on-brand photography assets.


  • Competitive compensation package.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the visual identity and storytelling of a rapidly growing cannabis brand.
  • Creative and collaborative work environment.
  • Networking opportunities within the cannabis industry.

If you are a skilled photographer with a passion for cannabis culture and a knack for capturing captivating visuals, we invite you to apply for this Cannabis Brand Photographer position. Help us showcase their products and brand in a visually stunning and authentic way, and be a key player in shaping the brand's visual identity within the dynamic cannabis industry.