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Cannabis Night Sprayers

Redcrest, CA

Order: 1655699

Dark Staffing Solutions is a full-service staffing agency specializing in the cannabis industry. Since 2017, our team of professionals has been committed to connecting talented candidates to cannabis companies throughout America. We can help you find full-time work, part-time work, and temporary work as our clients need.

Want to work with a big name in the cannabis space? Dark Staffing is seeking a dedicated and responsible individual to join our team as a Pesticide Night Crew Member, we need help in multiple locations including Willow Creek and Redcrest locations. In this role, you will be responsible for ensuring the effective and safe application of pesticides during nighttime hours to maintain a healthy and pest-free environment for our cannabis plants.


  1. Pesticide Application: Safely and accurately apply pesticides according to the farm's pest management program during nighttime hours. This includes using appropriate protective gear, following standard operating procedures, and adhering to pesticide regulations

  2. Pest Identification and Monitoring: Regularly inspect and identify pests, diseases, and other potential threats to the cannabis plants. Maintain accurate records of pest populations and report findings to the supervisor

  3. Documentation: Maintain detailed and accurate records of pesticide applications, including quantities used, areas treated, and application methods. Follow proper documentation protocols and ensure compliance with local regulations

  4. Equipment Maintenance: Clean and maintain pesticide application equipment to ensure proper functioning and minimize cross-contamination. Report any equipment issues or malfunctions to the supervisor promptly

  5. Safety and Compliance: Adhere to safety guidelines and protocols while handling and applying pesticides. Follow all applicable local, state, and federal regulations regarding pesticide usage, storage, and disposal

  6. Collaboration: Work closely with other members of the farm team, including supervisors, growers, and other crew members, to ensure efficient pest management practices and maintain plant health

  7. Continuous Learning: Stay updated on the latest industry practices, regulations, and advancements in pest management techniques. Attend training sessions and workshops as required to enhance knowledge and skills


  • Previous experience in pesticide application, preferably in an agricultural or horticultural setting
  • Knowledge of cannabis cultivation practices and familiarity with common cannabis pests and diseases is highly desirable
  • Understanding of pesticide safety procedures, regulations, and proper handling techniques
  • Ability to work during nighttime hours and adapt to changing schedules as needed
  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills to maintain accurate records and documentation
  • Effective communication skills to report findings and collaborate with team members.
  • Physical stamina to work in outdoor and greenhouse environments, often under varying weather conditions.
  • Ability to follow instructions, work independently, and take initiative when required
  • Valid pesticide applicator's license or willingness to obtain one


  • $20-25/hr