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Machine Operator

Rockwall, TX

Order: 934
4.0 JOB TASKS AND RESPONSBILITIES: • Operate and adjust blow molding and downstream equipment to produce quality bottles. • Documents process and production information electronically and on paper. • Maintains acceptable levels of production within established standards for each line. • Conducts Quality testing. • Assures product is within quality specifications. • Keeps work are neat and orderly and safe. • Assures scrap levels are minimized. • Runs Sidel Blow Molders Series I and II. • Presents verbal report to GEMBA team. • Reports problems to supervisor, quality and maintenance. • Assists in reworking product. • Relieve others as required. • Cleans machine and conducts line clear as part of the PM team. • Uses Lock Out Tag out. • Other duties as assigned. FUNCTIONAL AND PHYSICAL DEMANDS: ? May frequently climbs steps and ladders to reach equipment. ? Frequently stoops and reaches up, down and to both sides in manipulating product. ? May occasionally crouch to un-jam equipment. ? Continuously walks short distances around the equipment, interspersed with climbing and standing. ? Frequently pushes and pulls up to 50 lbs of force. ? Frequently lifts up to 5-10 lbs, – infrequently lifts up to 50 lbs. ? Frequently uses fingers/hands to operate and/or grasp controls, manipulate containers, corrugate, tier sheets and other items requiring feeling and full hand use. ? Continuously uses repetitive motion to feed or align product on machinery and equipment. ? Continuously subject to loud noises requiring constant use of hearing protection in the manufacturing and warehouse areas. 4.1 Follows all safety rules and requirements. a. Wears hair nets, ear plugs and safety glasses as required in restricted areas. b. Wears gloves when handling wooden pallets to protect from splinters. a. Follows all rules and procedures of Lockout/Tagout and hazardous energy release control programs. iii) Climbs up, over, in and around the equipment. This includes regularly stepping up 1 foot and occasionally climbing 5-8 stairs on a ladder to check on equipment. iv) Will reach, bend, stretch, etc. into awkward places. v) Uses a reach pole to keep preforms spread evenly in the gaylords so that they feed properly. vi) Works near hot and cold parts and around moving mechanical parts. Starts and stops the machine so that it cycles to permit access to component parts. May be very dangerous. vii) Uses basic hand tools to make adjustments to the mechanical and computerized portions of the equipment to correct product defects. b. Analyzes preforms for quality specifications. i) Looks at and feels preforms for blemishes, color, and other defects. ii) Adjusts machinery to correct defects. Must know which adjustments to make and how to make them. Each product and process has many variations that must be learned. iii) Rejects poor quality preforms and makes the decision to shut down or adjust machinery. iv) Performs a container cut and weighing test and records the data on a form or directly into the computer. v) Uses a gauge to make measurements on the containers. c. Prevents machine down time. i) Monitors the machine’s operations. ii) Keeps the machine stocked with raw material. iii) Remembers and applies a large body of knowledge pertaining to the machine operation features and the product features. There are many variables involved in both that must be learned and applied. iv) Troubleshoots machinery when product quality deficiencies appear or when machinery otherwise malfunctions. v) Assists maintenance in performing PM as instructed. vi) Uses oil, and other machine chemicals to keep machines running pro