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Paint Manufacturing Engineer

Tomahawk, WI

Order: 1805082

Covering the Product and the Cost


Have you ever passed a sweet ride on the road and thought: “who did that paint job?” Would you like to be the engineer who helps create that paint job?  Our client, an industry leader in motorcycle manufacturing, is seeking a Paint Manufacturing Engineer. This professional is responsible for providing technical support for paint application, graphics and finesse processes. The end goal of the position is to continually improve safety, quality, cost, workflow and on-time product delivery.


If you have this expertise, you are a rare find and I would like to have a confidential conversation with you. Although this is a contract position, our client is willing to compensate generously for that expertise. If nothing else, having a good understanding of the market and what your skill set pays in comparison to where you are today could be helpful to your current situation.


I can be reached by email at lauren@westphalstaffing.com or by phone at 715.845.5569. Thank you in advance for your time.