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Licensed Vocational Nurse

Merced, CA

Order: 142872

Are you a Licensed Vocational Nurse? Do you enjoy working with teams to accomplish a fast-paced rate for health screens procedures? Do you love making an impact in major organizations in the medical community?!? The Plus Group is looking for you! We are seeking five Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN’s) to take the role in this Employee Health clinic, where over 80,000 employees will report for administering of TB Tests, Flu Shots, and FIT Testing for the month of October. Team orientation, ability to customer service, keep detailed records, and flexibility to work each station is being sought!

The position pays $19.00 an hour, starting the September 27th for a four (4) hour orientation.


The schedule for this October project is as follows:

First Week - Three (3) days [Mon, Wed, Fri]

Second Week - Two (2) days [Tues, Wed]

Third Week - Three (3) days [Wed, Thurs, Fri]

Fourth Week – Two (2) days [Tues, Wed]

Fifth Week – One (1) final wrap up day [Mon]


Each shift works from 6:30am to 5:00pm.


If this is something you would love to be considered for, please connect with The Plus Group ASAP! Send us your resume and call once you’ve submitted the application so we can arrange an in-person interview! We will then proceed to go over the required health screens and orientation paperwork to submit to the HR department.