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Olivehurst, CA

Order: 138241

The Plus Group is seeking a Safety Coordinator for a well respected local business in Yuba County who will be responsible for ensuring drivers to remain in compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and company policy in one or more of the following safety areas: drug testing, physical standards, CDL licensing and certifications, motor vehicle reports, authorized pet/riders, and motor vehicle citations. Also responsible for reviewing, checking, and auditing driver logs to ensure compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) standards and regulations.

Duties & Responsibilities

Request, coordinate and/or review driver records or testing within the timelines specified in DOT regulations and company policy.

  • Review driver safety information against company policy or DOT regulations.

  • Determine if driver is in compliance with DOT regulations and company policy.

  • Notify management when driver is not in compliance.

  • Respond to driver safety questions on the Safety queue line.

  • Record and notate safety data in driver file and/or AS400.

  • Interface with Fleet Management and drivers to retrieve data, discuss safety issues and coordinate drug or physical standards testing.

  • Prepare routine safety correspondence and distribute to relevant parties.

  • Create and maintain safety files.

  • May make a preliminary determination on driver responsibility for driving citations.

  • Review driver logs to confirm DOT compliance. Confirm proper completion of logs, evaluate truck speed, review driver hours of service, check fuel stops and review other regulatory items.

  • Identify logs that have been turned in incorrectly or not turned in at all.

  • Counsel and advise drivers on proper log completion.

  • Educate drivers on mistakes they have made and how to avoid repeat DOT violations.

  • Identify drivers that require log training and work with fleet management to schedule driver for training classes.

  • Evaluate driver violations on a case by case basis. Determine if a disciplinary write up is appropriate.

  • Update driver profile after any extended absence. Issue authorization or denial for driver to return to truck.

All qualified candidates must have a minimum of 3 years experience as a safety coordinator and an updated/current resume . To apply, please complete a job application on-line at www.theplusgroup.com. It is CRUCIAL you follow up with a call at 671.1111 to discuss next steps.