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Extrusion Operator - Waterville, Ohio

Waterville, OH

Order: 728

Looking for someone to run an extrusion machine. They will be putting buckets of pellets in to the hopper at one end of the machine then taking the plastic strips off as they come out the other end, visually inspecting them and measuring them. For the tubing they will need to clean off the ends and blow off any excess material. For the bungees they will be putting holes and notches in the ends. They will need to be able to use calipers and read a tape measure up to 1/16 of an inch. Must have good math skills. Every 30 minutes they will need to record the quantities and measurements They will also use a log book to track the parts and numbers. Need to notify supervisor if problems. Can be operating two machines at one time so able to maintain a steady pace. Will be packing the boxes for shipment when completed. Need to be able to use basic hand tools to attached boards to pallets. Will be standing and bending throughout the shift. Willing to train, do not need past experience.