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Scrap Yard Workers

Taylor, MI

Order: 2278
Temp To Full-Time

Our client in Taylor, MI is in need of Scrap Yard Workers on 1st shift (7-4:30p), Monday-Friday with possible Overtime on weekends, $15 per hour. Employees will be trained to operate scrap metal yards open to the public. The work is primarily outside, and there are numerous jobs that need to be done each day. They can include prepping cars before we put them through the shredder, working in the sorting room picking non-scrap off the belt as it is running, unloading crushed cars and other scrap material from inbound trucks, helping load processed scrap onto outbound trucks, and more - depending on what needs to be done. Hi-Lo experience is a plus, but not required. We train and certify anyone we have working on a hi-lo. This position requires a pre employment background check and drug screen