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Van Driver

Toledo, OH

Order: 2097
Will drive 1 of 3 cargo vans. All automatic. Pick-up of donations and delivery of orders as dictated by the daily schedule. Will be in and out of the vehicle constantly and need to be clean and organized. Legible handwritting is a plus! Communicate concerning issues/concerns with incoming/outgoing product. Must be able to use manual/electric pallet jacks. Complete driver audit sheets as directed. Outside and Inside of vehicle must be clean and free from debris .Lights, wipers, seatbelts, ect. are all functioning properly All problems related to the vehicle are reported promptly to the Lead Driver. Will pick up food and items from local restaurants and bring to food bank. Good communication skills and people skills as the driver will interact with restaurant staff/mgrs as they do their pick ups. Required: Valid DL Insurable as a Driver. Ability to drive cargo van. Ability to read/follow maps, good communication skills and lift 40# continuously rare for 50#. DRESS- jeans, tshirt and workboots or closed toed shoes. BACKGROUND- Rule out any sexual offenses and theft/burglary offenses across the board. Also for drivers DUIs, drug related offenses and/or a long history of driving offenses. Valid DOT medical certificate or able to obtain one.