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Scheduling Clerk

Holland, OH

Order: 1807
Performs the functions to schedule production operations and analyze daily orders to plan, prepare and publish a schedule to ensure timely order shipments. Is competent in the responsibilities of Scheduling Clerk I. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned. 1. Schedule production in most cost-effective manner, considering in-stock inventory, scheduled downtime, sales forecasts, in-house orders, manning and capacity constraints. 2. Maintain communications with the proper disciplines (Forming, Extrusion, Maintenance, Supervision and Customer Service) to be ready to respond to any unscheduled changes or machine breakdowns. 3. Maintain a daily scheduling status and communicate information to Customer Service and other departments as indicated. 4. Utilize PC software to develop, maintain and generate effective reporting systems that relate to the job function. 5. Ensure on-site warehouse has appropriate inventory levels to meet production requirements 6. May maintain historical shipping records to aid in demand forecasting. 7. Assists with trafficking and routing approved LN Work Orders to production, quality, and shipping areas. 8. Organizes and maintains file system and files correspondence and other records for LN Purchase Orders and incoming RAW’s. 9. Supports shipping and receiving, the employee will use the LN (ERP) software in the capacity to perform: a. PO entry – Cost/Expense, Capital & Direct Material- future possible duty but not essential at this time. b. Purchase returns & negative lines on PO. c. Cost PO Receipts. The employee will Enter, confirm and finalize receipt. d. Indirect material PO receipts, to include locating, correcting, finalizing. e. Correcting Cost PO receipts. f. Potential PO back orders and how to confirm or cancel these backorders with vendors. g. Research and investigation into the reasons why PO’s have not closed; confirm that they should be closed and work through whichever process must to be taken to close PO’s. h. Maintaining PO’s i. Set up a plan/basic process for PO receipt. The employee will document the process and assist in training other employees who participate in PO receipt in the plant, to include the person physically accepting a delivery *(whether raw materials or FedEx) to distribution of items received.