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Plate Maker- Die Shop- 1015

Sylvania, OH

Order: 1015
Temp To Full-Time

Sylvania company looking for a Plate and Die maker. Hours are Monday-Friday 6:30am-3:30pm and pays $14-16/hr depending on experience.


Job duties will include:

Plate making:

Working with 5 different machines in this room and moving the product from one to the next as it is processed. They start with sheets of plastic that are 50" x 80" and lay that on a table that lowers it down onto a cylinder that spins and imprints the image on to the plastic. Next it is placed on a machine that exposes it to light and bonds the image in place. The third machine cleans off any excess ink from the image. It then goes in to a drawer that closes and acts as an oven the dry the image. It can take up to 90 minutes for this step. It is then placed on a table and a CAD file is used to cut the individual pieces out and labels each. They then go to the art department to be placed on the canvas.


Die making:

Here they start with half wooden cylinders. They are placed on an machine that uses a laser and burns the design on to the wood. They will then be working by hand to insert pieces of metal and glue foam on to the wooden cylinder. The metal can be sharp and they are required to wear cut proof gloves. Need to be able to lift 35 pounds. Must be able to read a ruler and work with fractions. They will get hands on training so they will need to be able to follow directions.


Contact Cassie if interested and qualified!