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  • Saw Operator 2nd Shift

    Denton, TX Temp-to-Hire 2 Months ago
    Time Tracking Client sends time sheets Background Screen Run Preliminary prior to recommending ABSOLUTELY no violent crimes or theft related offenses; no recent drug charges in the last 2 years or repeat offenses; all others are case by case Job Description Will be operating a HEM Saw. Skills and Qualifications -Good basic math skills -Organized -Ability to drive a forklift -Previous experience with a HEM saw would be helpful. -Able to move 30-50 lbs on a regular basis. -Strong Written co...
    Order: 170
  • Machinist Level 2 - 1st shift

    Oklahoma City, OK Temp-to-Hire 1 Month ago
    Job Description To assist in the various stages of the machining process to achieve high quality machined parts at maximum output. Skills and Qualifications * Must have knowledge of Manual and/or CNC machining. Basic Computer Skills. Detail Oriented with excellent organizational skills. * Strong work ethic. PERFORM * Ability to follow specific instructions. JOB * Ability to Multi-Task and Prioritize. DUTIES * Ability to Read Blue Prints. * Understands how to read programs, specifically g&m cod...
    Order: 220
  • Transfer Operator - Deprt 28 3rd shift

    Denton, TX Temp-to-Hire 1 Month ago
    Employee needs to be able to take inventory of kiln cars in the holding room. Then be physically able to transfer kiln cars loaded with brick from the holding room to the dryers using a cable winch on a transfer car to pull a kiln car on to the transfer car and then a hydraulic ram to push the car off of the transfer car on to a dryer track. While moving the cars, they will be required to tighten the stacks of brick up on the car by pushing the brick in and up using hands and a 2X4 board. Must be able to...
    Order: 207
  • Brick Saw Operator

    Denton, TX Temp-to-Hire 1 Month ago
    Job Description Employee will cut brick with a saw and inspect it. “To have some Machine experience and Mechanical ability. Forklift skills helps”; They also do some packaging and some Saw Operating as well” * They get paid as machine operators: $14.50 hourly as temps.* Skills and Qualifications shift differential $.50 Experience with operating saw Ability to read measurements Ability to pay attention to detail. Must speak english Duties Cut brick with a saw and inspect it Thin brick is just d...
    Order: 229
  • Machine Operator

    Decatur, TX Temp-to-Hire 2 Months ago
    Manufacturing poly pipe.
    Order: 48
  • Kiln Tech

    Denton, TX Temp-to-Hire 1 Month ago
    Must be able to work in extreme heat. Will be in the burning department. Will be trained on various burning processes. Needs someone that is a critical thinking, but that should be physically fit and be accustomed to strenuous manual labor, due to working in elements. This position requires A LOT of flexibility when it comes to schedule- Night Shift: Midnight- 8am*available when needed to cover others*. Time Tracking Client sends time sheets Process Interviews Job Description Will work in burnin...
    Order: 198
  • Shapes Maker (Off Bearer) - DEPT 26

    Denton, TX Temp-to-Hire 2 Months ago
    (Off Bearer) Machine experience; will be in the packaging brick. This position equires repeated bending, twisting, and lifting of up to 45lbs through the entire shift-up to 10 hour shifts. Mon-Thur shift-(6am start- able to work 8-10 hour shifts if needed) Hours are subject to change during summer time. / RIO - No theft related convictions, violent crimes or firearm related, or repeat drug offenses. All others will be treated on a case by case basis
    Order: 127
  • Machine Operator

    Denton, TX Temp-to-Hire 2 Months ago
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    Order: 148