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Machine operator

Wilmington, NC

Order: 53350
Temp To Full-Time
Produce products following standard operating procedures, production order routers, and drawing specifications. Use of calipers and micrometers for measurement. Record appropriate quality and production information to verify that product meets requirements. Do not pass on product that does not meet requirements. Stop production to fix problems and refer to the Production Manager. Continuously improve all aspects of production,such as methods, tools, records, communication and teamwork. Develop the following skills to the level approved by Production Manager: -Understanding work instructions, production routers and drawing specifications pertaining to the job - Quartz glass charachteristics and proper material segregation and control -Quartz cutting methods and appropriate tools - Quartz OD grinding methods and equipment maintenance - washing , drying cleanliness and housekeeping Must have a High School Diploma or equivalent and be able to perform basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Should have basic computer skills. Must be able to pass pre-employment background check and drug screen. Job requires prolonged standing and occasionally lifting and/or moving 20 lbs