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Columbus, OH

Order: 634042

We are looking for people to help with snow removal for this upcoming winter.


shoveling $12.00per hr

Skid loader $14.00 per hr - Must pass pre test

Snow plow $16.00 per hr - Must pass pre test


Ability to pass pre-employment drug screen





  • Clear snow from customer sites from designated areas and pile in designated locations.

  • Operate vehicles and snow plow equipment in a safe, responsible and efficient manner following all recommended operating procedures.

  • Control ice accumulations at job sites with the safe and responsible use of de-icing agents (salt, treated salt, liquids or other de-icing chemicals).

  • Prior skid loader and or snow plow experience is required. Must pass pre test.

  • Hand-shovel or hand-treat site areas as required (walkways, doorways, fire equipment, etc.)



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