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Food Production Machine Operator


Order: 68569

GLISS General Labor & Industrial Staffing Solutions is hiring for a local food production company in the Salem area. Looking for experienced Food Production Machine Operators to join their team.

All shift available Day/Swing/Grave

Employee Responsibilities:

  • Perform process area sanitation.

  • Prepare process area for operation start up. This includes but not limited to Products, Packaging Material, Equipment Adjustment, Palletizing.

  • Operate semi-automated Portion Pack Filling equipment and all other filling equipment to fill product containers.

  • Place filled containers for shipping cartons, Palletize and Stage them for transferring to warehouse.

  • Monitor filling equipment to ensure proper operation and adjust equipment as necessary for continuous operation.

  • Inspect filled containers and cartons to ensure compliance with company set standards, State and Federal regulations.

  • Initiate filling equipment adjustment and change over as needed.

  • Hold all matters related to the corporation in confidence.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Knowledgeable, able, and willing to be Certified by State of Oregon for Acidified Food Handler.

  • Complete Filler Operating Instruction Course provided by Yamasa and satisfies all necessary requirements.

  • Able to read and comprehend instructions, informational manuals, able to write and verbally communicate process reports to the supervisor and coworkers in English language.

  • Understand and perform normal food manufacturing sanitation and clean-up requirements and duties.

  • Able to work in a food manufacturing sanitary work area without posing a threat to product sanitation and safety.

  • Able to tolerate exposure to cleaning agents commonly used in the food manufacturing process area.

  • Demonstrate adequate manual dexterity to perform assigned tasks.

  • Able to work flexible shift time.

  • Able to work without extensive supervision.

  • Able to perform mathematical calculations for addition, subtraction, multiply and divide fractions correctly.

  • Able to perform assigned duties in closed quarters or at heights.

  • Able to push and pull up to 75 pounds using heavy product handling equipment. Able to lift 60 - 80 pounds repetitively as a normal function of the job.

  • Able to tolerate exposure to odors and product without adverse reaction.

  • Able to work in a standing position up to 12 hours per day.

  • Able to tolerate heat, cold, dust, high humidity, and other indoor environmental conditions as required.

  • Able to move freely as required to perform normally assigned duties.

  • Able to work and communicate effectively in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment.

  • Able to tolerate exposure to fast pace, repetitive tasks.

  • Willing to utilize personal protective equipment provided for worker safety, including but not limited to hair net, beard net, ear and hearing protection equipment, safety glasses, and rubber gloves.

Perform other duties as assigned.
Education and Experience:
High school diploma or equivalent.
At least two years related experience required.






Referral Bonuses


Begin the first part of our application online at www.general-lbr.com, then give us a call to schedule a time to come into the office to finish the rest of the application process at (503) 967-6246


Apply in person at: 3070 Lancaster Dr NE Salem OR 97301 Monday - Friday 9am – 2:00pm

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Salary: $16.00 - $17.75 per hour


  • 8 hour shift

  • Day shift

  • Evening shift

  • Monday to Friday

Work Location: One location