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  • General Labor Warehouse

    Bloomfield, CT Temp 1 Week ago
    MUST BE ABLE TO WORK WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS! Job Purpose: Operate industrial trucks or tractors equipped to move materials as well as select and pick orders for shipment. Ensure safe and accurate receipt, storage, selection, and shipment of food products. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: - Load and unload freight using equipment in an efficient and safe manner. - Move product to storage areas with proper equipment. - Efficiently stack and store the merchandise in the appropriate are...
    Order: 1769991
  • System Support Technician

    Bloomfield, CT Temp 1 Month ago
    We are in a warehouse environment working 24/7/365 (nights, weekends). We have multi- temperature buildings ranging from -20 to ambient temperatures. We have some equipment that is over 30’ in the air. Our mission is to assist in all technical related issues within the warehouse, keeping operations running at all times. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: - Resolve and log emails sent to IT support. - Respond and resolve IT related issues over the phone. - Setup, maintain, troubleshoot ...
    Order: 1769321
  • Janitorial

    Bloomfield, CT Temp 1 Month ago
    No description posted
    Order: 1768920