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San Diego, CA

Order: 1545064


The Woodworker constructs and repairs items such as boxes, crates, pallets, and storage bins from wood and wood substitutes, studies specifications; and measures, marks, and cuts boards, using patterns, templates, ruler, pencil, and hand and power saws. Adheres to audit readiness requirements and associated contract requirements.  


Woodworker. Constructs and repairs items such as boxes, crates, pallets, and storage bins from wood and wood substitutes, using specifications; and measures, marks, and cuts boards, using patterns, templates, ruler, pencil, and hand and power saws. Fastens or installs parts, using hammer, nailing machine, or power staple, repairs defective containers by replacing damaged parts, inserts wood bracings, cardboard files, and felt pads in containers. May build crate around object, using ruler, hand tools, and pneumatic nailer, may fabricate, repair, modify, and replace woodwork on vehicle sides and beds, apply preservative to prolong wood life, and may pack, seal, band, and apply markings to crates and containers. Uses WMS and other Government Data Systems in the performance of the PWS requirements.


  1. Understand and meet established productivity and quality control goals associated with assigned functional area / process.
  2. Understand and use the Government provided Warehouse Management System (WMS) and other Government Data Systems to perform the requirements of the Performance Work Statement (PWS).
  3. Follow established guidelines in performing day-to-day routine tasks as outlined in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)/Job Breakdown sheets (JBS), Technical Manuals, and Audit Readiness standards.
  4. Understand the Acceptable Performance Levels (APL's) associated with assigned functional work areas / process and work expeditiously to meet contractual and team goals.
  5. Adhere to Government and Company policies and procedures.
  6. Constructs and installs or provides parts and blocking and bracing.  These parts include items such as banding, strapping, tie downs, blocks, chocks, hooks, or cradles, required to secure or encase items in containers or on pallets and skids including construction of wooden containers per detailed drawing.
  7. Responsive communication to the Compliance Team (Inventory, Customer Service, and Quality Control) regarding any system discrepancies that cannot be resolved.
  8. Ability to use e-mail to receive and disseminate workload tasks and information.
  9. Ability to communicate in a professional manner with co-workers, site management and CGA regarding operations and policies at the Distribution Center.
  10. Maintain a safe and secure work environment.
  11. Perform other duties as assigned in association with established Management and Contract Compliance Plan, Storage Plan and workload requirements.


High School Diploma (or equivalent).  

Successful completion of WMS training, OSHA compliance, and associated DLA SOP and company mandated training applicable to position.


  1. Must be U.S. Citizen
    1. Possess a valid Driver’s License
    2. Fluent in speaking, reading and writing the English language
    3. Military or DLA Distribution experience a plus
    4. Previous experience in warehouse / distribution environment a plus
    5. Ability to operate Material Handling Equipment (Forklifts and other)
      1. Ability to operate power tools and other industrial equipment 
  2. Ability to lift 50 unassisted


This job description is meant to be a guide.  It is not intended to limit in any way the duties, which a teammate may be required to perform.  This job description may be changed at the discretion of the company.