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Machining/Assembly Operator

Heber Springs, AR

Order: 71943

Machining / Assembly Operator

Mon - Friday

Part Time and Full Time Available

2nd Shift

3rd Shift

 Operators will operate a variety of CNC equipment and robots to perform precision machining of component  parts in accordance with procedure.

  • Operator will have training to qualify in the operation, coordinating several tasks in such a manner to maximize production while safely maintaining specific procedures and quality of steel core conduit
  • Operator will learn to interact with computer controls to operate machine/work cell
  • Operator will learn to troubleshoot, debug, and maintain the machining process with the cell to ensure product quality and productivity.
  • Operator will learn to coordinate material handling, production with other operators on the line to ensure a continuous production process
  • Operator will learn to maintain material levels for all levels of operation
  • Operator will be responsible for loading and unloading of metal materials and finished goods
     Must be able to work under supervision and maintain ongoing communication with the supervisor and peers through verbal instruction and reports

  • This position is very active and requires standing all day. The employee must frequently lift and/or move items 25-30 pound weight.