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1st Shift; Chicken Breast Debone

Batesville, AR

Order: 63292

 Call our Batesville office at 870.569.8084 or Click Apply Now! 

Indemnity Medical, Dental, Vision, Term Life, and Short Term Disability available within the first few weeks of employment.  

These Career Opportunities are considered Temp-to-Hire, meaning that conversion to full-time employment with client company can occur after 480 Hour probationary period.  


  • Whole Leg Debone - Pulls skin off of whole legs and debones whole legs with knife at leg deboning station.
  • Thigh Debone - Debones thighs with knife at thigh deboning station. Pulls skin off of thighs when necessary.
  • Work in different areas of the poultry processing plant this includes first processing, debone and/or second processing 
  • Work in a rotation of different positions on a line or between departments 
  • Work at a pace to ensure production flow is maintained
  • Maintain a safe work environment
  • Maintain satisfactory attendance and job performance in accordance with company policies and procedures
  • Cold, damp wet environment with temperatures ranging from 40 to 90 degrees 
  • Work while wearing and utilizing required PPE Stand/walk 100% of the work day 
  • Exposure to varying noise levels 
  • Bend, stoop, and lift various weights as needed 
  • Climb stairs, frequently stoop, kneel, and/or bend 
  • Exposure to strong raw and rendering odors 
  • Exposure to spice odors and/or chemical odors 
  • Bending, twisting, stacking, pushing and standing for long periods of time 
  • Manual dexterity of hands and wrists 
  • Repetitive motion 
  • Ability to safely use a knife, scissors, or other sharp tools 
  • All other duties as assigned