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1st shift Assembly

Oklahoma City, OK

Order: 7574
Temp To Full-Time

Position: Assembly   


Pay Rate/Range: $15.41 per 1st shift + $1 shift differential for 2nd shift = $16.41  


Job Description: To fabricate and test Coils, Valve Packages, and sheet metal components; to assemble and test commercial air conditioning units.  Responsible to diagnose and resolve production problems, monitor quality compliance, maintains production records and reports, and coordinates daily housekeeping.  Operates machinery and equipment in the production of coil cores. Maintains a clean and safe work environment, using 5S process Checks appropriate paperwork to determine required assembly and special options Checks and obtains required material, tooling, and supplies to support production requirements Complies with all inspection and quality procedures as required Ensures quality goals are maintained to meet customer (internal or external) requirements Ensures the packaging of finished parts is in compliance with customer (internal or external) requirements Reports production and follow-up as needed to assure completion of repair and/or unfinished units Provides technical expertise as needed Takes the lead in continuous improvement projects As job requirements change daily and on-line with our flexible lean environment, you may be required to fill other positions on an “as needed basis” for production requirements or simply for cross training Accepts additional responsibilities as assigned Ability to read and interpret blueprints and bill of materials and various other documents. Knows how to use and measure with protractor, tape, and dial caliper Ability to visually check for leaks Ability to visually check units for fit, leaks, rotation and vibration Must obtain and maintain brazing certification Must be able to set up and run fin press, expander, and hair pin bender 

Job Requirements: High school diploma, GED or Equivalent Experience. Must be able to stand and walk during a full 10-hour shift; must have full use of both arms and hands; must be able to lift and carry up to 40 lbs. Ability to work independently and carry out assignments to completion with minimal supervision. Good Problem-Solving skills, ability to lead a team and ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Self-motivated, self-directed, and ability to perform multiple tasks. Positive attitude, team oriented, and willing to learn and participate in continuous improvement projects. Willingness to accept additional assignments and responsibilities as assigned. Ability to follow and abide by all company policies and procedures. Working conditions are normal for a manufacturing environment.  Work involves frequent lifting of materials and products up to 40 pounds.  Equipment operation requires the use of safety equipment to include but not limited to safety glasses with side shields, hearing protectors, hard toed safety shoes, protective gloves, and aprons as needed.  Work schedule is based on an 8- or 10-hour schedule with overtime required based on business needs 

Job Type:  Contract to Hire  


Shift/Schedule:  REQUIRED 10 HOUR DAYS - 1st shift Monday – Thursday 5:30am or 6:00am t4PM or 4:30PM Friday & Saturday Mandatory overtime 2nd shift Monday – Thursday 3:30 or 4PM to 1:30 or 2AM Friday & Saturday mandatory overtime