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1st shift Machine Operator

Yukon, OK

Order: 7516
Temp To Full-Time

MACHINE OPERATOR - EXTRUDER MACHINE 1ST SHIFT 630AM to 3PM Pay $16.00 Process - must pass assessment test & short interview with supervisor. upon completion they will be scheduled for orientation Job Description – Production Machine Operator Job Summary The Continuous Line Water Spider is a key member of the Yukon Foaming Line production team. The Continuous Line Water Spider is responsible for multiple tasks to include but not limited to loading customer orders, unloading raw materials received, ensuring key line supplies are replenished, and assisting in keeping the Continuous Line warehouse organized. The Continuous Line Water Spider is also responsible for assisting the Continuous Line Team in all production tasks that support the implementation of World Class Manufacturing. Job Responsibilities • Communicate with Continuous Line Production Manager at start of shift to determine types of materials (raw materials, regrind, etc.,) needed from warehouse • Deliver raw materials to line operators and replenish line supplies to meet production requirements. • Return, weigh, and store material as required from staging area • Check and inventory all raw materials during shift and maintain world-class organizational and access standards • Provide material flow for the Continuous Line as specified on the production line • Ensure that job tickets and all necessary components are staged prior to the extruder operator initiating a change over. • Expedite jobs through the department based on customer needs. Assist in executing any remediation actions necessary to get the job back on track. • Assist in facilitating Continuous Flow (lean) and process momentum in the department. • Provide line coverage when needed due to illness, vacation etc. Assist operators with basic operator function. • Communicate with next shift about what has to get done, letting them know what jobs are priorities, etc. • Help with shift start up to help start up machines at the start of a new shift (production machines, printers, computers, etc.) Dress code: can wear shorts or jeans, t-shirt, nothing with holes rips or tears in clothing. PPE - must wear steel toed boots or shoes. safety glasses are provided. Pay - starts at $14 once they learn all machines they will bump them up $1.50 more Environment - it is climate controlled but still very hot! make sure you stay hydrated. You may have a closed container bottle of clear liquids. there are Popsicle for you to have to stay hydrated. Lunch & Breaks - breaks are scheduled and you must stick to your scheduled break time. They have a nice break room with a refrigerators and microwaves. they have vending machines on once side of the plant and a "store" in the main break room which uses credit cards. Bring your lunch as you only have a 30 minute break and there is nothing close by. Orientation - is 2.5 hrs this is unpaid unless you work they day after orientation Attendance - this is on a point schedule. it is imperative that you do not miss work. Chain of command - any issues must be given to your lead first before going to management. If there are any issues with your lead please consult Dylan in HR and let us know. Clocking In & Out - there is one time clock. You will be assigned a pass code for the time clock. this is your paycheck so make sure you are clocking in and out. if you miss a punch you need to immediately. otherwise it could delay you being paid properly