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Machine Opr/QC - Entry Level $12. hr

Oklahoma City, OK

Order: 19105
Temp To Full-Time

Pay:  $12.00 per hour

Job Title: Machine Operator  

PPE: Tennis shoes, t-shirt, jeans  

Job Description: Our client will start everyone at the easiest machine first and progress through the shop as they master one machine, on to the next.  This is an entry level position and can lead to further training, positions and full time work.

*Candidates will be responsible for the proper functioning of the machine and ensuring that all plastic pieces are cleaned by scraping off all the excess plastic.  

*Some stations will be counting products as they come out of the machine. 

*Some stations have counter machines. 

* All stations have an “Instruction book” at them with pictures and words.  


Shift Times: Operator 


1st Shift (day)                          7:50am to 4:10pm(Monday through Friday) 

2nd Shift (afternoon)                3:50pm to 12:10am(Monday through Friday) 

3rd Shift (night)                        11:50pm to 8:10am(Monday night through Friday night)