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Therapeutic Mentor

Salem, OR

Order: 1274096

Therapeutic Mentor staff whose primary responsibility will be, “to assist in promoting a physically and emotionally safe living environment for high risk individuals with cognitive processing deficits, impulsive behaviors, disordered thinking and perceptions, disorganized behavior and thought patterns, severe maladaptive behaviors, disruptive and dysfunctional behaviors ranging from mild to severe in scope including but not limited to threats, force, aggression, and intermittent explosive behavior” per our job description.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities include:


* Develop and maintain positive, effective, and respectful relationships with individuals served and their families, and care team.


* Be prepared to deal with continuous repetitive and potentially aggressive behaviors on a daily basis


* Encourage individuals to develop work skills and participate in social, recreational and other therapeutic activities to enhance interpersonal skills and develop social relationships.


* Monitor the behavior of the individuals served, their location and identify any safety risks.


* Assist in the development of and comply with the behavioral support plans developed for each individual.


* Report and document routine and unusual events including completing daily logs, event reports, and other necessary reports in an accurate manner to ensure individuals receive appropriate and effective care in a concise, understandable, and legible manner.


* Observe individuals to detect behavior patterns, document behavior, and reports observations to team members.


* Maintain and expand skills and knowledge relevant to providing high quality professional support and services.


* Transport individuals in a safe manner according to policy and procedure.


* Maintain open communication and cooperative work effort with program manager and other staff to assure quality and continuity of support to individuals served.


* Assist individuals with activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living such as medication management, transportation, cooking, and cleaning.


* Manage individuals who may become physically violent by applying OIS training strategies (training provided) and the application of the individuals BSP.


* Demonstrate and model the ability to communicate clearly and calmly with individuals in behaviorally challenging situations.


* Model positive communication and behavior while working directly with individuals.


* Collaborate with and assist a Medical Case Manager, Psychologists, RN, and rehabilitation therapists working with the individual.


* Observe and document individuals’ progress to identify and assist in identifying the need for additional services or changes in current plan of care.


* Provide behavioral emergency assistance such as basic first aid when needed as well as recognize and report harmful behaviors.



Qualifications include:


* 18 years of age or older


* Valid driver’s license in good standing to operate Company vehicles.


* Successful clearance of local and or state background checks


* Able to quickly and effectively problem solve individuals’ needs and redirecting according to the behavioral support plan.


* Experience with people with cognitive processing deficits, brain injury and/or mental health disorders preferred


* Must be proficient in speaking, reading and writing in English.



This is a 24hr residential program. Various Shifts. 40 hrs pr week. $15.20 pr hr to $18.50 pr hr DOE.