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Salem, OR

Order: 1260664

BDI Staffing is searching for a Charge Nurse. Must provide current validation of LPN certification.


A charge nurse supervises other nurses and implements nursing care recommended by physicians and residents. They must be able to effectively document these activities and ensure their day-to-day actions meet federal, state, and local guidelines. Charge nurses are in charge of admitting, transferring, and discharging patients. They also train and help develop staff.


Charge nurses enforce safety and loss-prevention measures, manage time and patient care, and practice infection-control policies and procedures. They must be a team player, able to attend and lead staff meetings. Being able to stand for long periods of time are required, as are the ability to lift small- to medium-weight items.


A charge nurse must have maintained a nursing degree from an accredited college, university, or vocational school. They must be able to communicate effectively and adapt to stressful situations.


Charge Nurse (LPN) Tasks:


Interview patients to determine problems and medical condition.

Ensure equipment and rooms are sterilized.

Administer medicine, observe patient, and report any adverse reaction to the medication.

Assist physician with examination and complete any follow-ups or lab requests.

Document patients' status in chart for the physician.


Weekends only. Sat/Sun 6am-6pm

$23-$27 pr hr DOE