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Order: 49471
Temp To Full-Time

Sewing Machine Operator

Pay Rate: $13-14

1st Shift : Mon-Thur 6am-3pm; Friday 6am-12pm


Position Functions:

• Sewing pre-cut fabric pieces together including bellows, roof covers, fire protection strips, ceiling covers, skirts and roof shrouds.

• Working with sharp objects including, but not limited to, needles, scissors, picks, etc.

• Maintaining sewing machines; applying oil as needed.

• Fulfilling company standard times and individual productivity goals.

• Fulfilling output requirements while reducing scrap levels.

• Lifting/moving 20 pounds.

Educational Level for Position:

• High School Diploma.

• 2-4 years experience as a Sewer in a Manufacturing Environment.

Special Skills/Qualifications Needed:

• Willingness to learn and work in other areas.

• Ability to handle tasks requiring detailed (or precise) actions and manipulations.

• Ability to perform tasks efficiently while maintaining quality.

• Ability to multi-tasks while maintaining productivity.

• Proficiency with metric and standard unit measurement systems.

• Familiarity with company policies, procedures and instructions