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Account Manager


Order: 889407

1 Resource Group is hiring for an Account Manager for our client that is located on the Northwest side of Houston.  This position will be a direct hire,  base plus a commission structure.  

The Account Manager is responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy for core business units within the company including commercial estimating and tendering/contracts.


•    Health, Safety and Environmental requirements shall be met in all activities.  The Client is responsible for providing a safe and healthy working environment for its employees, contractors and visitors.  You are responsible for ensuring that you are working safely, that you have the appropriate tools and equipment for the job, and that you protect the environment and fellow employees. You shall take this responsibility seriously and work towards continual improvement

•    To have open, unthreatening, respectful, behavioral based discussions with operational employees on a regular basis through the MTAS, or other approved behavioral based safety conversation system, in order to correct unsafe behavior, and to positively reinforce good safety behavior

•    Formulate new and progressive marketing concepts to establish the company as a leader in the full service welding market

•    Direct the development and implementation of sales, marketing and advertising strategies, plans, and programs necessary to meet and support the business plan in the NSA Region

•    Analysis of customer research, current market conditions and competitor information

•    Develop professional relationships with key targeted client personnel and seeks business opportunities

•    Identify market potential, establishes contracts, develop market strategies, and estimates potential sales

•    Target future prospects, introduces company capabilities and coordinates sales follow-up with Regional office (Brazil) and Corporate

•    Develop and coordinate all marketing collateral materials including standardized proposal language, brochures, project flyers, etc.

•    Ensure all marketing material is in accordance with Project Accord mandate and objectives

•    Define promotional activities, publicizing the product through the press, sales force, and alternate channels in line with departmental budget

•    Prepare sales plan

•    Responsible for maintaining, preparing, monitoring and reporting the Commercial department budget for the NSA Region

•    Set annual/quarterly sales budget assumptions/goals

•    Develop business plan including budget, sales goals and resources required for the market

•    Monitor progress toward goals during the course of the year and make necessary adjustments to reach objectives

•    At the direction of the Vice President, advertise and communicate regarding products, services, events that will enhance the company's image and reputation

•    Actively participates in local/international Pipeline Industry Association programs related to pipeline construction

•    Coordinate marketing and sales reporting process, i.e. monthly reports, monthly bidding activity reports, quarterly board status reporting, etc

•    Maintain an understanding of competition strengths and weaknesses

•    Participate in exceptional client courtesy activities

•    Observe and communicate pricing changes in the industry to keep the company competitive

•    Communicate to Vice President and resolves high level issues with clients

•    Communicate company’s direction and objectives to staff to ensure that company philosophies and policies are carried out

•    Cooperate with HR Policies and Procedures regarding the hiring, release, and training of employees

•    Perform senior management roles and responsibilities

•    Responsible for contract negotiation in the NSA Region

•    Comply with all company policies and procedures

•    Perform other related duties and assignments as required

•    Position may require domestic and international travel


A Bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited college or university.