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Process QA

Hillsboro, OR

Order: 885664

Our Client, who specializes in high tech clean room construction  services has an immediate need for Process Pipe QA in Hillsboro, OR for long term contact needs!

Selected candidates will be responsible for Code compliance and design constructability resource for CS Construction Management and Engineering and Design Groups. Discipline specific installation support high purity analytical.

Process Piping Specific Information

  • Possess a thorough understanding of acceptable industry standards for quality relative to all plastic, metal and/or hybrid piping materials likely to be used in microelectronics construction. This candidate will also be responsible for writing, interpreting, and maintaining installation guidelines and situational bulletins and memos with compliance to existing contract guidelines.
  • Content expert in piping construction and be able to deliver a message of expectations such that interpretation is not left to chance.
  • Strong knowledge is required in the following areas:
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel welding and weld characteristics
  • Heat fusion and solvent welding of various plastics

  •  All other methods of pipe joining i.e. threaded, compression, face seal, flared fittings, brazing, soldering, etc.
  • ASME B31.3 compliant weld certificate in one or more of the following methods; SMAW, GTAW, GMAW
  • ASME B31.3 compliant weld certificate (automatic orbital welding for high-purity gas systems)
  • Certified by George Fischer on one or more of the following PVDF fusion processes; GF Model IR 63; GF Model IR225
  •  Be a qualified PVC/CPVC bonder in accordance with ASME B31.3 (Chapter VII).
  •  Be certified by a PVC/CPVC manufacturer in the fabrication of solvent cemented joints, the installation of valves, the assembly of mechanical (threaded) connections, and other piping system components.
  • Electrical Specific Information
  •  Support all customers in driving resolution to design package and panel schedule issues
  •  Manage the EEW, COHE and lock out/tag out procedures and sign-off
  •  Review Electrical SIPP’s for accuracy of content
  • Desired Electrical Professional Certifications
  •  ASSE – American Society of Safety Engineers
  • IAEI – International Association of Electrical Inspectors
  • Architectural Specific Information
  • Coordinate with multiple customers in regards to the installation of cleanroom components.
  • Candidate must have extensive knowledge of cleanroom construction, microcontamination and certification
  • Work directly with PM’s & CC’s in the bay and mini-environment certification processes, individual will assist in the certification turnover process to manufacturing.
  •  Individual needs to coordinate with all customers in regards to gown room activity, pass-through’s and material moves in and out of the Fab, including the planning and communication of gown room/pass-through locations and re-locations.
  •  Individual will support concrete coring as needed.
  • Individual will monitor traffic in and out of the cleanroom
  • Person to assist in the coordination of the elevators availability
  •  Person responsible for the protection of facility, work to alleviate any damage caused to the facility due to high volume movement of equipment and personnel.
  •  Manage interstitial/ceiling access program and construction activity
  •  Assist in the coordination of cleaning efforts


  • Quality